911 Disaster Plan

If a hurricane or forest fire were approaching your community, a mandatory evacuation would probably be ordered.  A mandatory evacuation works great for those individuals who are ambulatory and who understand the need for evacuation. What happens to the people in your community that are in wheelchairs or bedridden? Who helps them evacuate your city? What about people with special needs such as the mentally ill, mentally handicapped, persons with respiratory disorders that are dependent on oxygen, people dependent on dialysis or other medical equipment?  Who helps them prepare for an emergency?  911Disaster PlanTM identifies the vulnerable individuals in your community so that an orderly evacuation plan can be devised.  Every community needs an emergency preparedness plan.  When a natural or man-made disaster occurs, resources such as the fire department, law enforcement, Red Cross, FEMA and emergency volunteers need to be allocated quickly.  911Disaster PlanTM assists the emergency preparedness command centers in achieving evacuation with the utmost efficiency.

911Disaster PlanTM consists of two distinct and complementary features: 

1. identification of vulnerable individuals that need assistance during an evacuation due to disaster

2. tracking evacuation relocation information so that every resident's evacuation location is known.

Here is a sample of the disaster plan report; this summary report shows citizens within the community with special needs:

the disaster plan report shows the vulnerable residents of the community categorized by their special needs. With the planning data readily available, communities can allocate resources effectively during a mandatory evacuation.

911Disaster PlanTM also creates comprehensive reports that identify the individuals within each category and all of their demographic information.  You can use the summary report to look at the community as a whole; you would use the detailed report for information about each individual within the community.

During an actual evacuation, 911Disaster PlanTM tracks where individuals are relocated. If an individual is relocated two or three times during an evacuation, first to a temporary facility/shelter and then to a more permanent location, 911Disaster PlanTM tracks the entire movement. Not only do you see an on-screen display of individuals that have been evacuated, you also have an ongoing report that gets updated periodically to track your relocation progress.  At any point in time, emergency responders can identify citizens that still need assistance. Because 911Disaster PlanTM is integrated with LifeSaverAppTM, medical information about the residents is gathered automatically.

As a nation, we watched in horror at the disaster relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina.  Not only was there chaos regarding the evacuation itself, there was also a total lack of knowledge about the medical needs of the community. As a consequence, pharmaceutical companies donated huge amounts of medications for diabetes, cancer and other chronic conditions. Many of these medications were never administered because no one knew which medications were appropriate for the individuals in need. Resources were wasted because of lack of disaster and emergency preparedness planning.  911Disaster PlanTM coordinates the entire disaster relief program from start to finish, saving lives through appropriate disaster management.

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