About 911 Disaster PlanTM

911Disaster PlanTM is part of the LifeSaver GroupTM suite of emergency preparedness products.  LifeSaverGroupTM specializes in health and safety products for individuals, families and overall communities.

911Disaster PlanTM is an online emergency preparedness software program that allows individuals/residents of the community with special needs to be identified in the event that an emergency evacuation is necessary. In addition to identification of special needs individuals, 911Disaster PlanTM tracks relocation information as residents are evacuated. A complete tracking log for each evacuated resident is created even if the resident is relocated multiple instances. Not only does the software help a community prepare for an emergency, it also provides valuable data after an evacuation has occurred so that the efficiency of the evacuation can be analyzed.

To achieve maximum efficiency, 911Disaster PlanTM is integrated with LifeSaverAppTM.  LifeSaver AppTM is an online medical record which can be immediately accessed over the Internet or via a smart phone during a medical emergency.  This product prepares an individual's medical records for immediate access by paramedics or emergency room doctors. This online medical record also organizes ongoing healthcare through family physicians or specialists.  Information entered into LifeSaver AppTM is immediately available for the 911Disaster PlanTM reporting purposes. Information stored in the online medical record is encrypted with 256 bit encryption with data entry occurring on a SSL certified website.

LifeSaverGroupTM offers solutions to common emergencies such as medical emergencies through LifeSaverAppTM. For children, 911SafeChildTM organizes a child's activities so that an immediate missing child report is available for an Amber or Adam alert. 911SilverAlertTM creates a missing person report in the event that a person with Alzheimer's or dementia wanders away. CareNotesOnlineTM provides immediate information about a loved one who is receiving home healthcare or assisted living services. All of the products offered by LifeSaverGroupTM address the need for immediate information in the event of a medical or safety emergency.


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