Downloads on this page indicate the capacity of 911 DisasterPlan and LifeSaverApp to address the emergency preparedness needs of a community for an evacuation and medical management of persons who are evacuated during a natural or man-made disaster.


911 DisasterPlan Summary

This PDF can be used to present 911 DisasterPlan to emergency preparedness teams and disaster management teams to plan evacuations during man-made or natural disasters.


911 DisasterPlan Flyer

This one-page PDF flyer showcases the ability for 911 DisasterPlan to organize emergency preparedness and disaster management in your community.

LifeSaverApp provides an online medical record that is immediately available in the event of a medical emergency. It includes medical conditions such as COPD, congestive heart failure, juvenile diabetes, Alzheimer's, dementia, diabetes, surgeries, allergies, medications.
LifeSaverApp White Paper:    WhitePaper  This LifeSaverApp white paper explains the need for a personal health record, PHR, that is immediately available in the event of a medical emergency.

LifeSaverApp Brochure:  Brochure  A trifold brochure the illustrates the capabilities of LifeSaverApp and the use of a QR code for immediate access to online medical records.

LifeSaverApp Powerpoint:  PowerPoint  The LifeSaverApp PowerPoint shows the use of LifeSaverApp to create a personal health record for use in medical emergencies and ongoing healthcare.

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