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LifeSaver GroupTM - Lifesaver Group is the parent company for LifeSaverApp, 911 SafeChild, 911 Silver Alert, and Care Notes Online. Each of these products are designed to give immediate access in the event of a medical or missing person emergency.

LifeSaverAppTM is the premier online medical record, personal health record, that provides immediate access for emergency responders using a QR code on a smart phone or laptop PC. When the patient is transported to the hospital, emergency room physicians can access the complete medical report which includes medication history, diagnosed conditions, latest test results, allergies, emergency contacts, insurance coverage plus copies of DNR, medical power of attorney, etc. Because the information is available on the Internet or on any browser-based device, immediate access to complete medical information can transform the tragic results of a medical emergency into lifesaving emergency care.

ClinicPro SoftwareTM - ClinicPro offers complete practice management software including free electronic billing, appointment scheduling, practice management reports. ClinicPro also offers a certified EMR.

Care Notes Online - Care Notes OnlineTM is part of the LifeSaver GroupTM suite of software programs designed to facilitate better communication between home healthcare agencies and client families.

911SafeChild - 911 SafeChild gathers data about a child's school, demographics, identifying marks, medical conditions, allergies, medications, phone numbers of friends and social media contacts. In the event that the child should ever disappear, get abducted or kidnapped, a missing child report can be immediately filed.

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