Videos of 911 DisasterPlan and LifeSaverApp

911DisasterPlanTM is designed for communities, cities and states to identify vulnerable citizens in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. It is part of emergency preparedness. In the event of a natural disaster, 911DisasterPlanTM tracks evacuation of citizens within the community.

911DisasterPlanTM addresses the need to plan for an evacuation (emergency preparedness) and tracks evacuees in the event of a disaster event. By identifying vulnerable citizens who need evacuation assistance within the community, the emergency command center can coordinate resources and assign them appropriately. Obviously, in a disaster situation, resource allocation becomes extremely important.  Then, as citizens are evacuated,

911DisasterPlanTM tracks their whereabouts even if they are moved to multiple locations before the final destination.    911DisasterPlanTMcreates planning reports for emergency preparedness teams and tracks progress as the plan is being implemented.


LifeSaverAppTM is the premier online medical record that provides immediate access for emergency responders using a QR code on a smart phone or laptop PC. When the patient is transported to the hospital, emergency room physicians can access the complete medical report which includes medication history, diagnosed conditions, latest test results, allergies, emergency contacts, insurance coverage plus copies of DNR, medical power of attorney, etc. Because the information is available on the Internet or on any browser-based device, immediate access to complete medical information can transform the tragic results of a medical emergency into lifesaving emergency care.

In addition to emergency medical information,
LifeSaverAppTM coordinates care provided by all healthcare providers using a physician's portal to upload information to a patient's online medical record. Lab tests, EKGs, MRIs, CAT scans can all be uploaded giving the interoperability currently missing in the healthcare industry and through EHR's. Using current technology, each Electronic Health Record creates a unique patient portal for that provider. Unfortunately, data is not shared amongst multiple providers yielding a continuity of care. As a result, a patient's care is fragmented when they have multiple physicians and specialties involved in their ongoing care. In order for a patient to take control of their health care, they have to access multiple patient portals when they have multiple health problems. LifeSaverAppTM is a patient-centric model. As long as healthcare relies on a provider-centric model, true interoperability cannot be achieved.

LifeSaverAppTM provides the vehicle for fixing the broken healthcare system by achieving the ability to consolidate a patient's record in one place. When a new physician accesses the record, he/she can view all previous relevant medical encounters. The ability to have instant access behind a secure and encrypted database gives emergency department physicians and first responders the tools needed to save the patient's life.

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